• Image of Single Fabric | Misfit Project Bag #1
  • Image of Single Fabric | Misfit Project Bag #1

Even with the best-laid plans, things sometimes go awry on the cutting table. Or I have an idea I want to try out and see what results. Either way, Stuff Happens. Misfit Bags are project bags unlike my usual offerings: they may be a different shape or are usually a different size than my standard bags.

This listing is for one lined, single fabric zippered cotton fabric boxed corner wedge project bag as shown. All bags are one of a kind, made from my overflowing stash of cute fabrics. It's impossible for me to use as many bags as I want to make, so I will put these in the shop from time to time! All seams are finished on the interior, and the bottom of the lining is stitched shut with a coordinating thread. The outer layer is interfaced with a mid-weight stabilizer to help prevent your project needles from poking through. These are the bags I use for most of my projects, and I love them! Pricing will vary a bit depending on the types of fabrics used and the level of work that went into a particular bag.

This bag will comfortably hold 1-2 cakes of 100g sock yarn and your project. It's perfect for holding a pair of socks, small modular pieces of a project, or maybe a small toy knit!

Approximate dimensions:
6.75" tall
10" wide
5" deep

All bags will include a Lamby Toes button, because all bags need a little flair!